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The Interlock Clamp-On PIpe Shoe is a patented pipe support designed to elimate field welding requirements for pipe supports while overcoming the many disadvantages associated with traditional clamp-on pipe shoes. Designed for use on nominal pipe sizes ranging from 1" to 8" and is available in heights of 3", 4" and 6". The Interlock Shoe is made from A-36 carbon steel and hot-dip galvanized after fabrication for corrosion protection. Thanks to a minimal profile, the Interlock Shoe allows for better rack utilization and eliminates the need for sealing and caulking holes in the insulation jacketing.

When using conventional clamp-on shoes, corrosion has historically be a serious issue. Over time, protective coatings deteriorate due to moisture or other trapped contaminates between the support and the bottom of the pipe. The Interlock Shoe does not have a saddle that will collect moisture or any other corrosive media. This design prevents corrosion that other pipe clamps cannot promise to avoid. Additionaly, the Interlock shoe is the only clamp-on shoe that allows for direct contact between a heat tracer and the pipe.